Northumberland FA's Operations department is responsible for ensuring the creation and maintenance of our footballing infrastructure each season.

This gives important organisation to the game in Northumberland by promoting and implementing The FA’s rules and regulations for the well-being of all participants. This includes everything from clubs having access to the right level of insurance cover to the application of an excellent discipline service.

Football Operations is a section of the business which is continuously developing as we investigate new and more efficient ways to administer football for the future.

Please feel free to get in touch with anyone from the Operation team if you have any questions or queries.

Further information about various elements of football operations can be found by clicking the images below.

The Operations department can be reached on 0191 270 0700 Extension 1, or at the following contacts:

Andrew Cook – Football Operations Manager
andrew.cook@northumberlandfa.com or 07921144906

Scott Flynn – Football Discipline Officer
scott.flynn@northumberlandfa.com  or 07458043679

Rachel Carter - Football Operations Administrator

Rachel.carter@northumberlandfa.com or 07458043673


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