Affiliation to the County FA is an incredibly important process for any club looking to play football in the Northumberland area.

The affiliation window for season 2017/2018 will open on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

Affiliation must be completed every season and ensures that all clubs and teams have access to Northumberland FA’s footballing infrastructure, which operates to protect all participants.

The affiliation process has operated through the Whole Game System since 2013/2014.

This has vastly improved the service we can provide clubs in a variety of ways. This includes the time it takes for affiliations to be processed, as well as increasing the amount of information shared between club and County FA - providing us all with the most complete picture of who is playing football in Northumberland.

Furthermore, clubs are no longer constrained by the traditional County FA office hours, and can access and utilise a truly 24/7 system when it best suits them.

Northumberland FA have undergone an extensive review of its affiliation pricing with a view to providing some fairness and parity across our footballing family. This is linked to the services we provide to all our member clubs at a heavily subsidised cost.

The affiliation pricing strategy for 2017/2018 are as follows:

Type of Football  Price per season
Premier League & Football League £100
National League System £75
Non-National League System £50


Type of Football Number of teams Price per season
Youth/Disability Football 1-10 £50
Youth/Disability Football 11-20 £95
Youth/Disability Football 21-30 £135
Youth/Disability Football 31-40 £170
Youth/Disability Football 41-50 £200
Youth/Disability Football 51-60 £225

Your feedback as ever is appreciated, please provide it by completing a short survey (4 questions) via the following link -  

Important points to consider with regards to affiliation include:

- Adult and Junior clubs MUST affiliate separately.
- An affiliation number will only be provided once the affiliation form has been approved by Northumberland FA and applicable payment made.
- County Cover (public liability insurance) is provided for free by Northumberland FA as part of your affiliation.
- County Cover Plus (extended player-to-player insurance) is available for purchase via the Whole Game System affiliation portal.
- All County Cup entries should also be made utilising your affiliation form.

Please CLICK HERE to download a Friendly Submission Form.

If you are experiencing any issues with the affiliation process, please email and he will be happy to assist you.

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