Player Registration

The FA, in partnership with County FAs, has recently piloted an online player registration platform through the Whole Game System (WGS). Over 2,500 grassroots clubs across 50 leagues (and 39 County FAs) participated in the pilot, registering over 130,000 players for the current season. Following the success of the pilot, the new functionality is now being made available to all grassroots clubs and leagues.

The six-month pilot programme highlighted a number of benefits for clubs and leagues registering players in WGS.

Maintaining a single record of players within the system was found to be a secure and efficient way of managing player records, whilst for those clubs using Full-Time, the integration of records provided clubs with a single view of their players across WGS and Full-Time, removing needless duplication of effort and increasing the integrity of player information.

Future benefits include greater efficiency of player discipline administration and streamlined league registration processes.

Your club is invited to make use of this new registration functionality and over the next few weeks, The FA and your local County FA will be available to support you as you enter player records into WGS.

The processes have been designed to be as simple as possible and in the first instance you, and any club official you choose extend the player registration role to, are invited to:

-    Match players in WGS with those in Full-Time (only applicable to clubs already using the player registration function in Full-Time).
-    Add any players already in the FA database to your club list.
-    Create new records for those players not currently held in the database.
-    Assign all players registered with the club to their appropriate team(s).

By completing these short steps, you will have a complete list of all your players within WGS, matched where appropriate to Full-Time and attached to the individual’s team. This will have the additional benefit of saving your time next summer should your league decide to use these WGS records as the base for league registration for the 2017/18 season.

To help you through the process, The FA and County FAs have made available a series of support resources. Below, you will find a link to download a copy of the comprehensive Player Registration training guide, which also provides details of the E-Learning resources that have been posted on WGS portal.

There is a support helpline, which can be contacted on

Whilst the path to delivering online football administration to the grassroots game through WGS has not always been a smooth one, we now have an opportunity to build on the progress made by clubs with affiliation, sanction and discipline processes in recent years. I do hope that you and your club colleagues will work with us as we take the next important step on the journey.   

Safeguarding Considerations

Safeguarding was a foremost consideration within the development of the player registration functionality within the Whole Game System. Player information is collected and inputted by affiliated clubs and sanctioned leagues for the purpose of the administration and organisation of football with information only accessible between relevant parties as necessary for this purpose. Clubs and leagues will have access to their own player’s details as they would do normally and only with consent from parent/guardian would appointed officials be allowed to add or transfer players.

By signing to play for an affiliated club within a sanctioned league, parents/carers are already providing implied consent to the sharing of information between the club and league who organise and administrate football, and County FAs/The FA who regulate and govern the national game. Clubs and leagues will already hold information in formats which are covered by data protection legislation and WGS player registration is no different and is potentially more secure.

-    The system does not collect or share mobile phone or Email/social media contact details for children and young people within youth football.
-    Images, if required by a league for the ID purposes, and/or the production of player ID cards, consistent with individual league practices, are stored securely and in line with data protection legislation and will not be shared.

We would advise leagues and clubs to acknowledge within their registration documentation that individual player information will be stored on The FA’s Whole Game Player Registration system, which is compliant in line with the relevant UK data protection legislation.

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