Whole Game System

Summer 2014 saw the Whole Game System go LIVE across all of England's footballing Counties. The system designed to replace the largely archaic, mainly paper based format of administration has been met with great enthusiasm across the County.

Season 2016/2017

Referee Registration - Available from 7th March 2016

Club Affiliation - Available from 10th April 2016

League Sanctioning - Available from 3rd May 2016

Access to the Whole Game System can be found HERE.



If you are having problems logging into the system please contact Andrew.Cook@northumberlandfa.com or give Andrew a call on 0191 270 0700.

One of the cornerstones of the system is the ability for clubs to undertake administration tasks through the Whole Game Portal. This means you as secretary will be able to administer discipline online, therefore any cautions and red cards or misconduct accumulated by your club can be managed, responded to and paid using the portal. Therefore you will no longer be constrained by our 9-5 office hours and you will have the ability to complete your secretarial duties at a time that suits you. 

We have been trialling online discipline with a number of clubs in the county, all of whom have found the discipline portal useful. Therefore we are now in a position to open this up to all clubs in the county who wish to utilise it. Northumberland F.A. will not force you to use the system and will still offer the paper based discipline system to those who require it, however we openly encourage you all to at least try the portal.

Please contact Andrew.Cook@northumberlandfa.com if you wish to start using the portal so we can set your club LIVE for discipline. One on One tuition is also available for clubs who may find it useful.

The FA has put together a short video on discipline portal use which can be found using the link below:

Important points for all secretaries:

Once you are live for discipline through the Whole Game System you will no longer receive paperwork from Northumberland F.A. in relation to discipline cases. Instead you will receive a notification email alerting you to discipline actions to be completed on your clubs records.

There are two actions which must be completed to close a discipline case completely, payment and acknowledgement, without both of these actions being completed your discipline case may remain open.

Invoicing is available as a 'weekly' or 'monthly' action, unless otherwise informed you will currently be operating under a weekly invoicing system however if you believe a monthly system would be beneficial to your club and wish to change please contact Andrew.Cook@northumberlandfa.com as soon as possible. Please be aware an acknowledgement of a case must be made by the deadline given, whether you are on a weekly or monthly invoicing system. (Acknowledgement lead times: 7days for a standard charge and 14 days for a caution)

A case cannot be acknowledged or paid without the date of birth and home address of the disciplined player being entered into the system. Your club records should house many of your players details already therefore we will not require this for every player who goes through the discipline process.

Payments can be made through the Whole Game System using a bank card, if your club does not currently use a bank card then payment via cheque, cash and BACS transfer is also accepted in the usual format by quoting your case number or invoice number.

The system will also allow you to allocate any applicable suspension matches for any related suspension matches.

If you have any further issues or problems please contact Andrew.Cook@northumberlandfa.com for further assistance.

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