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The Board has recently changed its structure to better support the business. Instead of standing committees, we now have four teams which help to support specific areas of the organisation.

Members of Board, Council, Youth Council and the Inclusion Advisory Group are invited to be part of the teams due to their particular expertise. Each team and its members are detailed below.


If you wish to contact any of the below council members please contact Lynn Barber at Lynn.Barber@northumberlandfa.com and she will send your information on to the relevant person.

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Lauri Chandler ( Board member - Chair)

Andrew Rose-Cook (Staff unit head member)

Admin (TBC)

Steve Ord (Advisory member)

Stewart Pringle (Council member)

Graham Smith (Council member)

Alex Smailes (Council member)



Alistair Jenkins (Board member)

Derek Booth (Board member)

Angela Forster (Unit staff head member)

Lynn Barber (Admin)

Steve Ord (Advisory member)

Jess Callaghan (Council member)

Fiona Robson (Council member)

Colin Douglas (Council member)

IAG Member TBC


Wilton Holmes (Board member)

David Jones (Unit staff head member)

Lynn Barber (Admin)

Steve Ord (Advisory member)

David Tiffin (Council member)

Gary Trewick (Council member)

Lee Scott (Council member)

George Watson (Council member)

Jess Callaghan (IAG member)


Paul Nesbitt (Board member)

Frank Scantlebury  (Board member)

Dora Jakab (Admin)

 Steve Ord (Advisory member)

Jonathan Gray

George Penman  (Council member)

Derek Breakwell  (Council member)

Steve Swinbank  (Council member)

IAG member TBC

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