Northumberland FA's Vision

We wish to harness the power of the sport to drive through our strategy for the next three years. The emotive power of the game will be wielded as a force for good. Football is the golden thread which can be used to improve people’s lives, their situations and the communities which they are part of. Tapping into this emotive feeling and understanding it will help us deliver an excellent version of the game.

The positive influences that the sport can provide must be central to its existence in Northumberland. This will be utilised to grow engagement and ultimately participation within the sport. These proactive influences must encapsulate everything we wish to deliver and support.

Through investment and strategic partnerships the CFA will provide high quality offerings both on and off the pitch to engage the communities which we serve. The relevance of a County FA depends on its ability to engage, innovate and create with football as the driver.

The CFA and its major stakeholders must take a one-team approach to the delivery of the sport. Although we may not always agree our vision and values must bind us to ensure a united footballing community to guarantee the most positive impact that the sport can have.


Our Mission

Northumberland FA  currently supports with all aspects of the game through our cluster of services as well as promoting and ensuring the implementation of best practice.


Enjoyment must be a part of what we deliver as a CFA and must be part of our ethos in servicing the game. Appreciation that without enjoyment at grassroots we are not providing the right sort of game.


Safety is a key concern of Northumberland FA. Safety should not be assumed and must be considered in all of our actions as an organisation. More obvious considerations come from our compliance, safeguarding and discipline provision.

Northumberland FA must consider the entire footballing environment. On top of the considerations made in the mission statement this goes further and delves into every consideration which should be made to ensure the correct conditions to encourage a quality version of the sport.


The game we govern was created for everyone, regardless of background. Every aspect of the CFAs delivery or interaction should consider whether this provision can be accessed and engaged by everyone. With any boundaries identified and removed.