21 Days

21 Days of Positivity

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Put positivity into all your coaching practice with this years’ 21 Days of Positivity campaign!


Over 4000 coaches took part last year so why don’t you join them? Sign up to receive six emails that will help you put the We Only Do Positive message into practice.


You’ll get six emails with hints, tips and challenges created by our coaching experts in The FA Education team which aim to strengthen your relationship within your teams and help create a long-lasting positive environment.


Why 21 days? That’s the length of time it takes to form a habit and it’s a great amount of time to find the best methods for your coaching style.


It’s also the perfect opportunity to get parents more involved in the game, teaching them how to adapt their behaviour and help promote positivity on the touch line for their children.


We want everyone to get back the core reason we all play, coach and watch football - the love of the game. If this is something you feel as passionately about as we do, then sign up to take part today!


And if you complete the 21 days challenge, you’ll receive one hour towards your CPD and have a chance to win a Respect pack (T&Cs apply).


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