Yellow Card

Reeves Independent Trophy - January Standings

Our Reeves Independent Trophy league table is now live, with eight teams all level with no penalty points so far this season.

1. Amble Masons Seniors  (North Northumberland League) - 0pts
= Amble St Cuthbert FC First (North Northumberland League) - 0pts
= Bedlington A (North Northumberland League) - 0pts
= Fawdon Park First (North East Sunday League) - 0pts
= FRG First (North East Sunday League) - 0pts
= Lowick United Men (North Northumberland League) - 0pts
= Wallsend Labour Club First (North East Sunday League) - 0pts
= Wallsend Rosehill Tavern First (North East Sunday League) - 0pts

The disciplinary league table will be published at the end of each month detailing the teams with the lowest amount of cautions and sending offs in competitive fixtures.

The league table is made up of all teams competing in male 11v11 competitive football in either a Saturday or Sunday league at Step 7 or below.

On top of this the ‘Reeves Independent Trophy’ will be held at the end of season at Whitley Park.

This game will be contested by the two teams with the best disciplinary record within the county; the overall winners of the competition having the incentive of £1,000 in prize money.