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Have your say on grassroots football

The FA has launched its annual survey

Want to have your say on grassroots football in Northumberland?

The FA has launched its annual survey which gives players, coaches, parents, supporters, volunteers, referees, club and league officials the chance to highlight how they think football could be improved in their area.


Fill it in now to ensure your voice is heard!



Since the online survey was originally launched, the responses of more than 100,000 grassroots participants have helped to inform the decision making and allocation of resources by The FA and County FAs.

Results from the 2018/19 edition identified five key areas for improvement:


  1. Identify the resources and tools that clubs need the most support with
  2. Foster the right experience for participants at this level of the game
  3. Encourage young people to stay active in different roles across the game
  4. Ensure the RESPECT campaign has a positive impact on all participants
  5. Adapt to the changing nature of modern grassroots football