silent weekend

Silent Weekend on 29 February & 1 March

Our youngest players told us shouting and swearing can scare them - so we're trialing a Silent Weekend to encourage adults to think before they speak

We've organised the Silent Weekend in response to comments made by young players in our Youth Survey.

60% of 6-9 year olds had witnessed poor behaviour from adults at football matches - either coaches or spectators.

And of these, 62% said it had included shouting, and 37% had witnessed swearing.

How did this make them feel ? Sad, scared and upset - that's what they told us.

That's why we've decided to trial the Silent Weekend - at Central Venues where our U9s play and at all Tynedale Mini Soccer League matches - and we'll be assessing it to see if kids and adults have found it useful.

A silent weekend involves minimal verbal contact from coaches and spectators. It aims to create a fun, safe and developmental experience for all children in youth football. It allows them to make their own decisions and lets them play the game with freedom, without pressure or over-emphasis on winning at all costs.

Of course we still want to celebrate our young players’ achievements, so applause for goals and examples of good play are definitely welcome!

Representatives from the leagues and Northumberland FA will be on hand at the venues involved so please could and talk to them, give them your views and get involved

Download the guidelines below to find out more. Share them with your coaches, parents and players so everyone knows how it will work.

This guide will give you all the information you need including FAQs and do’s and don’ts you can print out, display and share.

Download the guidelines now