Since we released the joint statement between Durham CFA and Northumberland FA we have received a lot of correspondence some of a positive nature and pleased to be back or continuing and some criticising some of the restrictions.

These restrictions have not been put in place because we want them it is because whatever happens we have to play our part in reducing/preventing the spread of this awful virus.

Can we make everyone aware the reasons for implementing these restrictions and what would certainly have happened if we had not:

1) We want everyone to play football in a protected environment and help reduce the spread of Covid-19
2) If these restrictions had not been put in place there would now be NO football in our areas

Both County FAs have received many questions/comments following the release and we have listened to them and come up with the following FAQs some will like what is said and some will disagree, but these are in place until 7th October 2020 when the situation is reviewed.

Staff are being asked a lot of questions regarding the NHS Test & Trace system and self-isolation. You should report any positive Covid-19 cases in your team to PHE England on 0300 303 8596 Option 1 so they can advise you as appropriate.

For general information on Covid-19 and self-isolation, see the advice here:

For any other queries not answered you should follow local authority advice from the following links.

Durham County Council -
Gateshead Council -
Newcastle City Council -
North Tyneside Council -
Northumberland County Council -
South Tyneside Council -
Sunderland City Council -

Q. At what age is a player required to have a parent/carer in attendance?
A. Any person under the age of 18 years old, whether they are playing in youth or adult football or a referee are permitted to have one parent/carer in attendance to supervise in relation to a safeguarding/welfare perspective.

Q. Are siblings permitted to attend where childcare is an issue for the parent/carer?
A. Yes, siblings are permitted to attend, guidance must be followed regarding face covering (if applicable) and social distancing measures. The siblings must always remain alongside the parent or carer.

Q. Who needs to wear a face covering?
A. Non-playing participants, spectators where permitted, parents/carers and siblings unless the child is under the age of 11, or if the person is medically exempt. On a match day and training session a Coach must wear a face covering. Substitutes should wear face coverings until they come onto the pitch. Assistant Referees and Referees do not need to wear a face covering. In addition. Coaches working with deaf/disabled players who require lip-reading are exempt from wearing a mask when giving instructions or talking to those players. The link for the Government website on face coverings is provided:

Q. Why are you being asked to wear a face covering in open space when it is not Government guidance that these are required?
A. The restrictions have been agreed with the Local Authorities in order prevent the spread of the virus in our area which is currently at high risk level.

Q. If a parent/carer refuses to wear a face covering what should we do?
A. Unless they are medically exempt, they must wear a face covering or they cannot be in attendance, it is the clubs responsibility to ensure all their members in attendance adhere to the restrictions.

Q. I am a Coach but have a child playing in the team, can another parent/carer be in attendance for my child?
A. If the Coach is named on the Whole Game System (WGS) and has a valid in date FA enhanced D.B.S then a parent/carer can be in attendance for that child.

Q. Do I need to download the NHS Track and Trace QR code and app?
A. The NHS QR Code is for Football Facility Providers and Clubs who maintain Facilities and it is their responsibility to display for users of the sites to then scan their NHS COVID-19 App to support the facility Track and Trace procedures. Clubs are still responsible for maintaining Track and Trace information for their own members who are in attendance and training and games.

Q. I affiliate to Durham County FA or Northumberland FA, but I am playing a team who affiliate to another County FA where the restrictions differ, what should I do?
A. Restrictions are in place and must be adhered to by all teams affiliated to Durham CFA or Northumberland FA, whether you are playing within Durham CFA or Northumberland CFA boundaries or outside of the boundaries.

Q. Our Local Authority is not a LA that are currently under local lockdown restriction, do we have to follow the guidance?
A. Yes, regardless of your Local Authority area all teams who affiliate to Durham CFA and Northumberland FA must adhere to the restrictions. These measures have been put in place to try and stop the spread of the virus.

Q. Can a Club Welfare Officer attend training/match day?
A. Yes, the named Club Welfare Officer can attend, if social distancing measures are being followed, and a face covering is worn, unless medically exempt.

Q. Can indoor football be played?
A. Affiliated teams are not permitted to play indoor.

Q. I am a parent/carer and can’t take my child to training/game, can another parent/carer who is taking their child take mine?
A. Government guidance should be followed (2.5)

Q. Can I car share to get to training or a game? Can I use public transport to get there?
A. Government guidance must be followed;

Q. Can I play a development game after my league game?
A. Only if this is part of the league programme, this must not be a friendly game, as these are not permitted at this time.

Q. I am a referee should I report COVID breaches to the County FA?
A. Yes, it is advised you report to the relevant County FA

Q. I am a referee, if spectator/s turn up, should I still referee the game?
A. Yes, it is advised that you complete the game and report this to the relevant County FA.

It is the responsibility of ALL clubs to ensure their members and those attending as supporters/spectators (where permitted) adhere to these restrictions.
Should a club be reported for not adhering to the restrictions an investigation will commence.