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Northumberland FA statement regarding open training sessions

Many clubs have contacted both the County FA and Northumberland Junior League regarding the commencement of open training sessions for season 2021-2022.

Although the County FA appreciates the desire of clubs to start preparing for next season it is important that any 'open training sessions' are only arranged for the correct reasons.

The County FA expects that the ethos of an FA Charter Standard Club should be on a commitment to work with and improve its member players, rather than running open trials with a view to releasing existing players and replacing them with perceived ‘better ones’ from elsewhere. The key motivation for most young players is fun, enjoyment and a desire to play with friends.

These drivers for young people’s participation are undermined by an unstable environment, in which the player feels that they are easily dispensable. Any reports to the contrary could result in misconduct proceedings being brought against the club.

In agreement with Northumberland Junior Football Leagues, no open training sessions should take place until league fixtures have been completed, this is due to the extended playing season and as a matter of respect for players and clubs still competing. Please remember all player registrations for season 2020/2021 are valid until 30 June 2021 and clubs should understand the potential illegal approach implications as a result of this.

It is vitally important that before deciding on a date for open training sessions to take place that they consider the reasons for holding these sessions with the experience of young players being the foremost consideration at all times.