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Please complete our Equality Survey

There's a chance to win a Hospitality Ticket for Newcastle United vs Leicester City FC on 16 April 2022.

 Are you a player coach or referee over the age of 18? If so, you should have received an email from us asking you to fill in our Equality Survey.


Why are we doing this? Here at Northumberland FA we believe that Football is for everyone; it belongs to and should be enjoyed by anyone who wants to participate in it.  We also strongly believe that football has the power to inspire, unite and create opportunities for all.  However, in order to fully achieve this vision and improve the game for all participants, we need to better understand the demographic makeup of all those taking part as this will enable us to examine where there is both low and high engagement in football and what groups of people we potentially aren’t catering for in terms of provision.  We will also use the information gathered in this survey to compare to CENSUS when this is released in May 2022, which may highlight further gaps in provision.


As a thank you for completing this Equality Survey,  upon completion you will be entered into a prize draw to Win a Hospitality Ticket for Newcastle United vs Leicester City FC on 16th April 2022.  Winners will be announced be announced on Friday 1st April and there are 6 prizes available; 2 for referees, 2 for coaches and 2 for players. 


If you haven’t received an email but wish to fill in the survey, and are a NFA registered coach, assistant coach,  player or referee, please click here to access it


It is essential that this survey is completed anonymously and therefore the only additional information we ask is added to the questionnaire is Question 12, which is your best contact telephone number.  Please DO NOT add an email address or anything that may make you identifiable in this section.  To ensure anonymity, your telephone number will be added to the relevant prize draw and then immediately removed from the survey, meaning we will not be able to identify which surveys belonged to the winners. We will check winners’ names against The FA database to ensure you meet the criteria of entry, as a player, coach or referee registered to Northumberland FA.


Winners will be contacted by Dean Buckle, Head of Compliance and Inclusion, on Friday 1st April.

Please note, the survey is to be completed once and this will guarantee your entry into the prize draw.  Any individuals who breach this risk having their entry into the draw removed.


Information will be stored in  line with the Northumberland FA’s Data Protection Policy which can be found here.