Prizes for our refs who officiate the most games this winter

Ref as many games as you can until the start of April to enter our prize draw!

Northumberland FA is rewarding our county’s referees as part of our 100% positive campaign. We want to show our appreciation to those referees that go the extra mile to support our grassroots community. So, we'll be hosting a competition where those who meet the requirements will have the chance to win some new Nike kit.


We’ve got £1000 worth of rewards up for grabs for the referees that show extra commitment in the coming months. To be entered into the raffles, referees will be asked to log their games between the 17th January and 1st April. The minimum number of games to be entered into the raffles is 10 and the structure of the prizes is as follows;


Gold Prize – top third of entries will entered into the Gold raffle with the chance of winning a brand new full referee kit; shirt, shorts and socks.

Silver Prize – the middle third of entries will be entered into the Silver raffle with the chance of winning a new warm up t-shirt and a jumper

Bronze Prize – the lower third of entries will be entered into the Bronze raffle with the chance of winning a warm up t-shirt and a match pack (whistle, cards and flags)


There’ll be three winners in each category, from the referees who have completed the most games. And there's also an additional prize which will be randomly drawn from all attendees.

Our retail partner Kitlocker will also be providing some match packs for the winners.


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