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New sanctions for anyone who abuses referees

Anyone who's breached the rules will have to undergo mandatory education

As part of our 100% positive campaign, we are rolling out new education requirements for anyone who has been found to have abused a match official under The FA’s discipline procedures.
Going forward, any individual who is proven to have breached FA Rule E3 by committing Improper Conduct against a Match Official (including abusive language/behaviour), will be required to undertake mandatory Laws of the Game education in addition to any other sanction issued by a Discipline Commission.
Our Discipline Officer, Adam Williamson, said: “We have already made clear that abuse of referees and other match officials is completely unacceptable. By educating proven offenders and helping them to better understand the Laws of the Game, we hope to remind them that our referees are doing a difficult job and deserve everyone’s full respect.”
The Laws of the Game online course can be found through the following link: