Northumberland FA

FA Kit regulations

A reminder around the rules regarding kit

A reminder for all clubs regarding kit colours and junior kit sponsorship


Northumberland FA and its affiliated leagues would like to remind clubs of The FA rules regarding club  colours.


This is in response to an increasing number of clubs turning out in black or dark coloured shirts, which is not allowed under FA regulations as it leads to kit clashes with match officials.


To reiterate, Rule 19 in the Standard Code of Rules and the Standard Code of Rules for Youth Football states that:


(A) Every team must register the colour of its shirts and shorts with the Secretary and the Competition Secretary shall decide as to their suitability.

(B) Any team changing its colours during the Playing Season must notify the Competition Secretary immediately.

(C) Goalkeepers must wear colours which distinguish them from all other Players and the Match Officials.

(D) No Player, including the goalkeeper, shall be permitted to wear black or very dark shirts.


Northumberland FA’s council, which includes representatives from all our affiliated leagues, wishes to remind clubs black or dark coloured shirts will not be permitted. This includes all black backs of shirts.


In addition, we would like to remind junior clubs of The FA’s regulations regarding U18 kit sponsorship.

It is not appropriate for youth team kit to feature logos relating to age restricted products. In practice, this means that kit should not feature logos relating to businesses involved in gambling, alcohol and tattoos among others.

References to pubs and restaurants MAY be allowed, unless they exist solely for the supply and consumption of alcohol. In reality this means that sponsorship by pub restaurants may be acceptable, but sponsorship by an establishment such as a nightclub or pub that doesn’t serve food would not be allowed. In this instance you should contact Northumberland FA for guidance and approval.

Alcoholic drinks, breweries and products, services or activities related to gambling are unlikely to be permissible under any circumstances

These regulations are issued by The FA and aim to safeguard our young players.

Please contact us for advice if you are in any doubt, before you enter into a contractual agreement and we will be happy to assist you.