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The Lionesses Coach Development programme will provide an opportunity for female coaches wanting to improve their coaching confidence and knowledge. The programme will provide three FREE workshops aimed at bringing together female coaches to engage with qualified tutors. Workshops will entail a blend of theory and practical based sessions to link to their own coaching environments, with each workshop having a unique coaching topic. The workshops will help supplement the main Coach the Coach programme delivered year-round by Northumberland FA.

Suey Smith (FA Regional Women and Girls Coach Development Officer) and Lloyd Miller (Football Development Officer – Women and Girls) will tutor on each workshop throughout this programme.


Judith Gray - New Fordley Juniors said:

I have recently started coaching the New Fordley Vixen's football team after an injury put an end to my playing days. New Fordley's Club Chairman passed the information regarding the Lionesses Coach Development programme to me and 2 other new female coaches and we were eager to become involved. As a new coach with relatively little coaching experience the opportunity to attend sessions specifically for women really interested me.

"I had been on a few development courses where the attendees were both male and female and whilst I took away a lot of information from the courses I found myself with questions I did not feel comfortable asking, as I was concerned that I would expose my inexperience in comparison to the other learners, especially male coaches. Having an alternative forum where I am more comfortable asking questions and getting advice without any judgement (perceived or real) has been absolutely invaluable to me and the other female coaches from our club.”

“I have already implemented some of the activities and drills that we have been covered, increased my understanding of the STEP principal and applied the FA 4 Corner Model within my own sessions. I have carried the positivity and enthusiasm that is clearly demonstrated by the facilitators on the programme into my own sessions. I feel that my confidence has grown massively knowing that I now have another channel to utilise if I run into problems or doubt myself and my ability. Lloyd has offered support and guidance whenever myself of the other ladies have seen him and he has shown a genuine interest and commitment in our development.”


Jayne Griffin-Stanton from Wylam Rockets FC said:

“I became an FA level 1 coach to assist my husband when he started coaching my daughter's team at U7. I really enjoyed the Level 1 training, but it was hard at times because it was just me and another young girl in a room full of men. I persevered with the training and I absolutely love being involved in grassroots football. I was delighted when I saw the Lionesses Coach Development programme and signed up immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed the first session because it was so nice to see a room full of women of all ages and experience coming together to help build a football future for our young players.

"The first session was so well organised, it made me feel there was a real commitment to improving girls football. I am reviewing our use of the FA 4 Corner Model and also encouraging some of our team to take their first steps into coaching by doing the free FA BT Playmaker course. I am really looking forward to the next session about managing player differentiation because this is a particular problem within our U14 squad.”

 clear mission of Northumberland FA is to bring the Inspiring Positive Change strategy to life in our County. One of eight points contained within the strategy which we hope to achieve surrounds ensuring we have high standards of coaching practice throughout the women’s game underpinned by a thirst for ongoing learning, critical thinking and knowledge sharing”. As we look ahead towards the remainder of this years’ programme, we will see new coaching themes covered in two final workshops with an ever-growing female coach audience.

We encourage any female coaches interested in the programme to contact Lloyd Miller directly at


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