SCARF Fund - applications open

Financial assistance to help keep children in football

We're relaunching our SCARF Fund and applications are now open for the scheme, which aims to keep children playing football when their families are facing financial hardship.

The SCARF fund has been really important to a lot of families since we launched it last season. We all know that money is tight for everyone at the moment, and some families are facing really difficult choices, often between things like food or heating. We know our clubs keep the cost of football to a minimum, but we also know that there are some families which still find it a struggle. The SCARF fund is there to help those families, to keep their children playing football – whether it’s paying for subs, funding kit or even paying for the children to enter a tournament. We’ve been able to help over 40 families so far, but we want to take this even further in the coming season.

Applications should come via club secretaries or other agencies such as GPs, schools or social services. Applications will be received by the last day of each calendar month will be decided on and payments made by the 25th of the following month.

Grants are available up to a maximum of £150 per child, with up to £500 available for each club per season.

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