A collage of images of women volunteers for grassroots football in Northumberland

International Womens Day

Read below how we celebrated International Women's Day here at Northumberland FA

Northumberland FA Celebrated International Women's Day with a Focus on Women's Sports and Gender Equality, and Recognising Contributions of Volunteers in grassroots football.

In honour of International Women's Day, Northumberland FA celebrated the achievements of women by celebrating women volunteers in the community and highlighting the valuable contributions they make and some of the day-to-day challenges they face. We also organised visits to schools with football players, Charlotte Potts, Becky Ferguson and Katie Barker from Newcastle United Women.

Through these efforts, Northumberland FA are striving to enhance the visibility of female role models and promote gender equality in sports. We are fostering stronger relationships and promoting the benefits of women's sports in both schools and grassroots clubs.

During our discussions, volunteers were recognised for their contributions to the community, including coaching young players, organising events and tournaments, and assisting with administrative tasks. The discussion also highlighted the challenges they had faced, such as managing conflicting schedules and balancing their volunteer work with other commitments.

Northumberland FA's continued dedication to promoting women's sports and gender equality, as well as supporting our volunteers, is a testament to our vision for a more inclusive and diverse society within football. The organisation is committed to creating opportunities for women in football, both on and off the pitch.

Northumberland FA are proud to support the development of women's football, and recognise the important role that women play in the sport. By promoting gender equality in sports, and acknowledging the contributions of our volunteers, Northumberland FA hopes to inspire a new generation of female athletes and create a more inclusive and diverse football community.