Group photo of girls in football bibs

England Football Female Programmes

Interested in becoming a Wildcats, Squad Girls or Just Play provider?

We are delighted to share an update by The FA regarding their England Football Programmes which are delivered locally throughout the country. As previously advertised, Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls and Just Play were situated in a rigid timeline including the opportunity to submit applications to become a provider. Moving forward, there will be an “open window” for clubs and organisations to apply at any time during the year. Applications should be made via the FA Events platform through to become a provider for one of the three England Football Programmes. Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls and Just Play all play an integral part to offering recreational football opportunities in our county. Clubs on boarding as providers will subsequently receive; funding, equipment, local CPD, marketing assets and much more.

More info: Female - Northumberland FA

If your club or organisation is interested in becoming a provider of Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls or Just Play – contact Lloyd Miller directly at