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Northumberland FA - Voice FC

Voice FC will act as the voice for young people, supporting football in Northumberland FA’s region


To create a group of 16-21 year-olds to form Voice FC. The group will simultaneously act as the voice for young people, to promote and develop youth engagement, supporting football in Northumberland FA’s region (Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, and Northumberland) meet the needs of children and young people, helping to retain and grow participation across all areas of the game (playing, refereeing, coaching, volunteering), while also developing themselves through training, gaining experience, raising aspirations and supporting future ambitions.


Voice FC will be made up of a group of 16-21 Year Olds. Recruitment to the group will be a mixture of active recruitment of individuals already engaging in NFA activity, including the Coach the Coach Academy, Young Referee Development Group, and Football Advisory Board, and open applications for anyone interested to join.

Voice FC and its members will be supported by local Youth Development Charity, NE Youth, who specialise in developing young people, as well as helping organisations to better support the voice of young people contributing to decision making and work delivered.

What will being part of Voice FC involve?

  • Attend an introductory in-person event (Monday 15th April 2024, venue tbc) to meet NFA and NE Youth staff, along with fellow Voice FC members. You will learn a bit more about Voice FC and some of the projects it will deliver, Northumberland FA, and NE Youth. You can also identify other areas you would wish to be part of as a Voice FC member.
  • Eight Leadership Workshops delivered by NE Youth. These will focus on developing your own personal and professional skills as well as gaining your own insight to help shape football in Northumberland FA’s region (Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, and Northumberland). You will also learn how to deliver your own workshops with junior football players, to gain their ideas and insights to help improve grassroots football. These workshops will be held a maximum of once a month. The first will be on Tuesday 28th May.
  • September onwards (2024/25 season), in teams, and with NFA staff support, you will visit grassroot football clubs to work with their youth players (aged 7-15) delivering workshops to capture their opinions and ideas on football.
  • October onwards, you will also have the opportunity to deliver Northumberland FA’s ‘Design Your Club’ project within Primary Schools. This project involves Primary School pupils being given the task to go away and design their own football club, however they want it, and then coming back and presenting their creations in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style format.
  • Present findings to NFA staff team, Inclusion & Football Advisory Boards, and Board of Directors. In addition, you will propose ideas to include in Northumberland FA’s annual operational plan to support achieving our 2024-2028 Strategy aims.
  • Future recruitment of new Voice FC members.
  • Organisation of NFA’s annual Youth Football Festival.
  • Opportunities to get involved and support additional NFA Events that suit your interests and future ambitions.


What will you get from being a Voice FC Member/Leader:

  • Personal skill development to support future ambitions. Leadership Workshops will include: Teamwork and Team Building; Decision Making & Problem Solving; Communication; Inclusivity & Diversity; Time Management; CV Building; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Creativity & Innovation; Reflection; and Safeguarding.
  • Professional experience of working within a Sport Governing Body, delivering key projects, and generating your own ideas to develop football locally.
  • The opportunity to help shape the game in our region.
  • Training to develop young people and grassroot football clubs to ensure young people are actively involved in decision making that affects them.
  • Opportunities to complete funded or subsidised FA Qualifications to suit your own future ambitions.
  • Organise and lead NFA’s annual Youth Football Festival.
  • Opportunities to both support and/or lead other NFA event delivery, including any new Voice FC projects you may create.
  • Nike clothing.









People we are looking for:

  • Are aged 16-21. If you were aged 15 on 1st September 2023, and will turn 16 by 31st August 2024, you are able to apply. 21-year-olds, who are close to turning 22 may also apply and continue to be part of Voice FC until end of the 2024/2025 football season.
  • Have an interest in improving football in Northumberland FA’s region.
  • Can work as part of a team, being able to respectfully communicate your own views while also listening and understanding others’.
  • Are committed to their own personal development.
  • Can be trusted and relied upon to represent Northumberland FA.


How do you apply?

  • Complete the online application form HERE
  • The deadline for applications is 09:00 on Tuesday 2nd April 2024.

What happens after applying?

  • Northumberland FA operates a blind recruitment policy, where applications have identifying information removed. Applications are then read and marked by members of the NFA team.
  • After the deadline, everyone who has applied will be contacted by Northumberland FA.

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