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Wideopen Juniors - Recreational Female Pathway

Wideopen Juniors now offering Snickers Just Play

We're delighted to announce that Wideopen Juniors is now the fourth club to offer a complete female recreational pathway, featuring Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls, and Snickers Just Play programmes. This expansion joins our existing clubs—Wallsend BC, Cramlington United Juniors, and Whitley Bay Sporting Club—in providing the same opportunities. 

The England Football Programmes have played a pivotal role in driving Wideopen's female participation, resulting in steady growth week after week. Wideopen's commitment to delivering dynamic and interactive sessions has not only attracted more girls to join but has also ensured that participants are engaged in sessions that are both fun and exciting. As a result, Wideopen has witnessed a significant increase in female involvement, fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment for everyone involved. 

Lloyd Miller (Football Development Officer – Women and Girls) added “We are delighted to welcome Wideopen Juniors as our most recent Snickers Just Play provider. In particular, the club will increase their recreational provision by offering local recreational football for females aged 16 years or older. This move by the club highlights their intentions once again of supporting female provision but ensuring they fulfil a complete recreational pathway for females. The club now become the fourth in our county to offer a robust recreational offering of all three England Football Programmes (Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls and Snickers Just Play). We are excited to continue supporting the club in ensuring females wishing to participate in recreational and competitive football, have an opportunity to do so on their doorstep.” 

If any clubs are interested in providing any of these offerings or expanding your pathway, The FA now welcome applications all year round and there is no longer an ‘application window.’ Applications should be made via the FA Events platform through to become a provider for one of the three England Football Programmes. Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls and Just Play all play an integral part to offering recreational football opportunities in our county. Clubs on boarding as providers will subsequently receive; funding, equipment, local CPD, marketing assets and much more. 

If your club or organisation is interested in becoming a provider of Weetabix Wildcats, Squad Girls or Just Play – contact Lloyd Miller directly at lloyd.miller@northumberlandfa.com