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Northumberland FA has launched a new hardship fund for families who are facing financial challenges and are struggling to pay their children’s football expenses.

The SCARF fund (Securing Children’s Access and Retention in Football) will cover the cost of young players’ subs and other expenses in a bid to prevent children dropping out of football simply because of the cost of playing.

 With annual subscriptions costing up to £200 per child, officials are worried that families struggling financially due to Covid pressures will be unable to keep their children playing the game they love.

Applications can be made on behalf of families by club secretaries or agencies such as social services, GPs or schools. Grants will be paid direct to clubs and will go towards subs or in some circumstances additional costs such as kit, packed lunches or entry fees for tournaments, once these resume.

Finance will come from Northumberland FA’s existing benevolent fund, which usually supports players who are injured while competing for their teams in the County.

Clubs will be asked to outline what the money will be used for, and the reasons behind the application. They will also be asked to show that the club itself cannot afford to support the player.

Up to £150 is available per child, to a maximum of £500 per club, and applications can be made on behalf of anyone under the age of 18.

To apply, fill in the form below - closing date 28 February 2021

Online form here

Printable Word version SCARF application form

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Written Reasons

Written Reasons

Safeguarding and Welfare

Safeguarding and Welfare
Everyone in football has a responsibility to make our game safe and enjoyable.

For example, if as a player you have a concern about the treatment of an under-18 player at your club, you have a duty to report it. There are various confidential ways to do this.

Find out how The FA and the Northumberland FA manages safeguarding nationally and locally. You’ll also find detailed information on the game’s safeguarding strategy, including reporting concerns.



Reporting Discrimination

Tackling Discrimination

We all have a responsibility to tackle discrimination

Reporting Concerns

If you feel that an adult connected to your league or club (e.g. a referee, coach or a volunteer) is mistreating someone under the age of 18, there are various confidential ways you can report this.

By ‘mistreating’, we mean behaving towards under-18s in a physical or verbal way you believe is threatening or makes the young person feel scared or bad.

Find out more and watch a short film The FA has produced explaining how to report your concerns. Of course, everything is completely confidential.



About Full-Time

FULL-TIME is the easy way of managing your football leagues online. The FA is offering it free to all affiliated leagues across the country.

FULL-TIME is the only league administration package that works in conjunction with, your County website and Whole Game System.